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The food purchased and prepared for Christmas in July on Friday 13/07/2018 was all wasted................................. Now Kelly Services have had the audacity to ask me to return their client's electronic security building pass. AS IF - You can imagine my reply!

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I was placed with a company I had previously worked for on a number of occassions in various roles. After a week I was summoned to meet with "Bill" of Kelly Services, Parramatta who claimed the company management offered feedback that "I was easily distracted, lacked focus and was too chatty".

Bill then reminded me that I worked for Kelly Services and not directly for the client. Bill had the audacity to share this information with total disregard to the impact it would have on my confidence, not to mention the one-sided judgement of having prior discussions about me without my presence. Extremely unprofessional and poor ethic. Bill has an off-putting facial tick which presents every time he completes a sentence, morphing his expression into a very wide grin.

Later that same day I was invited to join the staff for Christmas in July celebrations. Everyone in attendance was expected to contribute with a plate of food for an anticipated 40 staff members. I was reminded by staff on leaving the office to bring food for the next day. I shopped and cooked for 40 people, and then checked my 'phone prior to going to bed.

There was a text message from Kelly Services around 9pm announcing the termination of my 12 month contract with no reason given. I needed to contact Kelly Services on a number of occassions to ask the reason why. Monday lunch-time finally my calls were returned and the reason given was "I was not a suitable fit with the team". So why was I reminded to bring food ready for the next day.

I do not for one moment believe this to be the reason.

Bill took an instant dislike to me and sought to terminate my contract as a consequence. Bill needs professional help!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Kelly Services Recruitment.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I liked: Jimmy.

I didn't like: Bill.

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Very unprofessional, misleading, and unresponsive, they tell you they need to right away, get you excited then duck your calls, don't respond to messages, and utterly leave you wondering what happened. Kind of like Tinder Ghosting, the Recruiting world has followed Social Media that far.


I will never apply for a position advertised by Kelly Services, Parramatta after reading this review. How ruthless and unprofessional. I'm sure it is illegal to terminate a contract of employment via text message and without a valid and credible reason.

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