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On May 18th I was hired by Kelly Services for Apple IOS Tier 1 Advisor. On June 8th was the first day of a 4 week training.

Trainers were Awesome! On June 30th I took the final exam and scored a 94. I was told I made the highest score out of 26 advisor. On July 5th I went into the second part of training which was called "ramp" for 4 more weeks.

On July 12th my now ex boyfriend committed domestic violence on me and went to jail and as of today is still there.. I had to go to the hospital July 13th because my right leg below my hip was in severe pain. I had X-ray's and it was badly bruised. I was bruise on my right side from chest to foot..

I was dragged across a yard. " I really feel bad about putting this out there, but someone has to hear me". On the time of taken calls I have had great peer feed back, out of 6 QA'S I had 2 coaching, I had 5 CSATS and remind you I was still in training actually.. on July 18th I rent a home because I lived in my ex boyfriends home and I needed out before he got out..

I had internet and phone services connected before I moved in on July 23rd. On July 26th when I logged into work I didn't have a dial tone.. I contacted my TL and also called the attendance line.. my POTS send a tech out..

on July 27th I worked about 3 hours .. customers was hanging up because they could not hear me.. I contacted my TL and she advised to contact HD so I could get a ticket number to cover myself.. I called HD and he couldn't hear me and asked for me to contact my POTS again..

I contacted them and they ran test on the line and notice noise on the line.. POTS had to send a tech out again.. on July 28th I logged into work and worked 7 1/2 hours and then was told that I was being release from Apple program..but not Kelly Services..I was told that Kelly Services could put me on another program or back into wave.. I was told I needed to contact HR..

I contacted staffing and was gave a run around.. I had to keep calling until I finally talked the to HR management - this is the person that contacted me the day I went to the hospital.. she seem to be understanding and also offered me someone to talk to about the domestic violence issue.. she also stated if I needed more time let her know..

well considering I need a job u went back to work the next morning.. but when I finally got in touch with her, she was cold.. all she could say is there's a attendance policy for ramp. And I need to return the equipment..

I asked about being hired for another program or being put back in wave.. she said all she could say was put in application, I asked to speak to her supervisor. She stated that she will call me that day..which was July 29th. No one called...

On July 30th would have been last day of ramp.. 2 more days people I would have been out of ramp.. so, over the weekend I applied again.. on August 3rd I got an email for a video conference internet at 3:30pm..

I was so excited that I was approved for another try.. at 3:30 while I was sitting in front of the computer waiting patiently for a call from Skype... I got a call on my cell phone ... It was the supervisor..

she told me there wouldn't be a interview.. I started crying... She lied to me and told me to contact her today August 5th, she stated that HR managers was trying to find out if I could be in iTunes and if not I could apply for App Store.. I called this morning and a guy answered with a ugly attitude put me on hold for 6 to 7 minutes..

came back and said .." she is in a meeting and after the meeting herself and her supervisor will be off the rest of the day". I asked him if I could speak to someone else.. he said no one was available. Here I am now jobless because of me moving before bruises turned into my death..

Yes I have applied for other jobs but this is a long process and I don't have that much time to wait.. I'm live alone and I have no income coming in.

I want to speak to corporate.. I was lied to.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kelly Services Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I worked there for almost 3 years. They lie constantly.

Neither there staffing or Corporate offices will do the right thing. Consider it a favor you never completed the training.

It only gets worse once you are out of training. With your test score, you are to smart to work there anyway.


You need to get a freaking grip. Immediately.

to Anonymous Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1213686

You need to put a comma between grip and immediately, and use an exclamation point. They teach this early on in school.

Why cannot you do this.

Did you make it out of first grade? If you did were you in special education?

to unfairhiringprastices #1296690

You should look at YOUR sentence structure and grammar. "Why cannot you do that?" The sentence should read, "Why can't you do that?"

You should put a comma in between 'did' and 'were' in the last sentence.

Pantego, Texas, United States #1213006

So sorry you went through this, hope you did eventually get some kind of resolve.

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